Just so very dry

Scant snow since Christmas, little rain throughout spring. The grasses are mostly brown with light sage green at the base ... grasses have wide gaps between the bunches. Sand blows freely from the soil, all the organics blasted out by the increasingly harsh spring winds. At sunset, this landscape feels apocalyptic, "Road Warrior" in character.

Given the gas costs, however, I think a good motorcycle and leather jacket is all that's needed to face this dessicated future, versus the Australian Ford sporting a supercharger-with-a-clutch.

I am concerned that this fire season could be another stunner. Rain is in the forecast for the next few days. Low %'s, lower amounts. Fingers crossed for moisture sans fireworks (so many fires started by lightning).

It's a sad fact that those who suffer most, are noticed least. A tornado is here and gone in a day. Droughts can last lifetimes.

I pray for New Mexico. And us.