A pretty awesome combination of light, wind and storms.

I've been travelling out each night to catch a potential sunset. Just to keep my hand 'in the game' for photography. Been playing with manual settings on the mirrorless Z6II. Kinda seems crazy, using a modern computational camera on manual, but hey ... make mistakes faster, learn quicker.

The combinations of clouds, swiftly morphing because of our high spring winds, and the varying light coming in and around the clouds, kept me on my toes from 7:30 to 8:15 PM. Every direction except East - a big thunderstorm (as usual), sitting over Clines Corners heading to Santa Rosa, just didn't light up.

HOWEVER ... I handheld a LOT of panoramas. I post their links here so you can open them up and peek. These take you to another server, with the straight JPGs. You should be able to blow these up a bit, to judge of their content.

Click each title below to view in a new tab/window:

Big Panorama

Blue Orange

Later Sangres


Towards Sandia


Virga Jemez